Protective cardboard corner. Profile “V”

This product is specifically designed to protect your products during unloading, loading, storage and other manipulations with the final product. Also, the Protective cardboard corner will allow you to increase the load when tightening the PP Ribbon, while your product will not lose its presentation due to the uniform distribution of the load across the entire angle, and this will give a more holistic look to the structure. Reduces loosening when the truck is partially loaded and friction when fully loaded. Also, this product can be used to save space both in the warehouse and in the truck.

Glued cardboard strip. Profile “I”

This is a multifunctional product for various purposes. Here are a few of them:

  1. If you need additional ventilation between the rows of your products, you can use a glued cardboard strip as a layer between the rows, this will give a small space between the rows of your products where air will pass.
  2. Also, a cardboard strip is used for cardboard pallets, gluing it to the legs on the bottom of the pallet, which gives a more stable design to the cardboard pallet, and also helps the passage of such pallets on a roller conveyor, where a regular cardboard leg falls between the rollers.
  3. Another successful application of this product will be its use to reduce the shakiness of cardboard boxes for apples, berries and other food products. Our studies have shown that the main problem of pushing the bottom next to the boxes is the dynamics. Due to the fact that during transportation, the boxes wobble from side to side, over time, the lower box, and, accordingly, the products in it, becomes unusable. Putting a cardboard strip so that it would be 2 pallets wider than the width of the pallet, you will reduce the fragility by linking 4 stacks of boxes to each other, and if you add special corners for the boxes, then your losses will be close to 0.

Glued cardboard strip. Profile “V”

Protective cardboard corners for boxes, in fact this is the same corner, with only one difference. Long. Corners for drawers are short corners (usually up to 30 cm), the production of which is radically different from the production of, say, 2 meter corners. Therefore, our partners are not willing to agree to such orders, but not us! We developed a whole system that allowed us to reduce the time for the production of short corners, as well as to reduce the cost of their production, which pleasantly affects the price. Permissible dimensions for the production of this type of protective cardboard corners, the same as conventional corners, only the length differs. In this case, it is from 5 mm to 300 mm.

Asymmetric protective cardboard corner. Profile “L”

An asymmetric protective cardboard corner is a unique corner, the width of the shelves of which are asymmetric (different ratios A x B). Such corners are often used for packaging products whose dimensions go beyond standard standards. For example, the height of your products on a pallet is 50 mm and the width is 800 mm. You want to close your products with a caring corner. You can use an asymmetric corner, say 50 mm x 110 mm or 30 mm x 90 mm, in this case, the maximum area of ​​your products is securely hidden under a protective corner. Also, having folded 2 such corners, you can get a Protective cardboard corner “P” profile, which will protect not 2 sides anymore, but 3. Call us and we will tell you everything regarding prices and sizes for an asymmetric protective corner.