Material, which is a kind of paper and differing from it with a larger paper mass on the square of the square. Cardboard is produced on cardboard machines. The technology of cardboard production is paper-based and includes the following basic operations: grinding of pulp, cellulose and waste paper; low tide; pressing and drying. Single-ply and multi-ply cartons are produced from the milled pulp. For the inner layers, cheaper compositions containing fibrous materials, waste paper and some pulp are usually used; for the outer layers there is sulfate cellulose.
By designation, we distinguish cardboard packaging (for cardboard production), printing, shoe, construction, electrical insulation, etc. Printing includes cardboards used for the production of book bindings, tickets, passé part out, addresses, templates for ebbing stereotypes, etc. Cardboard properties are evaluated by the following general technical indicators: weight 1 m², thickness, humidity, as well as special requirements necessary in the production in which it is applied. For example, for polygraphic cardboard, absorbency, wettability, adhesiveness with other materials (foil, polymer films, etc.) are especially important. Cardboard used in electrical devices must have electrical insulation properties; building cardboards – have high strength, surface finish, the required thickness, providing noise insulation, etc. A number of special technical cardboards must satisfy such requirements as, for example, heat resistance, moisture resistance or, conversely, filtering ability.

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Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is a multi-layer material, which includes one or more layers of corrugated cardboard in alternation with flat sheets. The minimum thickness of corrugated cardboard is about three millimeters, the maximum – one hundred millimeters. Corrugated cardboard is one of the most popular packaging materials for transport and consumer packaging. The assortment of varieties of corrugated cardboard is very wide, and therefore it is recommended to choose the right kind of material for packing certain products. The brand of corrugated cardboard can be determined by two main components: the type of raw materials and the number of layers.

Boxboard cardboard

Boxboard cardboard is the main field of application of boxboard – manufacturing of consumer packaging. Unlike paper, it must have a sufficient level of rigidity so that the container retains its shape when transporting products from the manufacturer to the consumer. For this, the cardboard must have a certain thickness.
SBS – cardboard, which is most often used for the manufacture of perfume and cigarette packaging, as well as for the production of promotional products.
GC, GT – cardboard for the production of confectionery and pharmaceutical packaging.
GD – cardboard for consumer packagings of mass production.
GK – carton for the production of packaging and products without printing.