• EUR pallet 1200×800
  • EUR pallet 1200×1000
  • Simple pallet 1200×800
  • Simple pallet 1200×1000
  • FIN pallet 1200×1000
  • We will manufacture according to your dimensions

Transport tare, which has a rigid platform and a space large enough to create unitized cargo, used as a basis for collection, storage, handling and transport of goods. It is designed for storage of cargo and moving it by mechanical means. Goods placed on a pallet, can be fastened to it with straps (fastening tapes) or wrapped with heat shrinkable or stretch films. Pallets are divided into disposable, which are usually disposed after use, and multiturnaround, used repeatedly. Dimensions of disposable pallets are generally not regulated. Dimensions of multiturnaround pallets, requirements for their strength and their marking are standardized. In Europe, they commonly use the standard EUR pallet, which has dimensions of 800 × 1200 × 144 mm. Tit is used mainly for retail, its size is determined by the internal dimensions of trucks carrying supplies from warehouses to retail trade facilities. ISO 6780 standard defines the pallets of six sizes, in particular: 1000 × 1200 × 144 mm (ISO2, the so-called “Finnish (FIN) pallet,” as this standard is common in Finland).